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" I charge for my time and expertise, my heart is free."

Energy Work Session:
Deeply relaxing session, clearing chakras and balancing energy flows within the body. A combination of therapeutic touch, reiki, polarity therapy, Qigong, and Jin Shin Jystsu. 
~1 hour ~$90

Holistic Massage:
Best session if your looking for a relaxation healing session.  A combination of therapeutic massage and energy work.  
~1 hour ~ $90   ~1  hour 30 minutes ~ $115

Craniosacral Therapy:
Deeply relaxing and effective work ideal for chronic migraines, TMJ issues, neck and shoulder pain.
~1 hour ~ $90   ~1 hour 30 minutes ~ $115

Massage Therapy:
This session offers a therapeutic massage, helping to calm and relax your nervous system, correct and address pain in the body.
Full body session or focused session to address problem areas.
~1 hour ~ $90   ~1 hour 30 minutes ~ $115


CBD Infused Massage Session:

A CBD massage involves CBD infused oil used throughout the entire massage session. 

Plus CBD deep tissue target cream and/or salve to tension/ pain areas   

 ~1 hour CBD infused oil/ plus target cream ~ $110       OR

Deep Tissue:

This session is designed for the client who believes deep massage techniques would benefit them. Using heavy pressure with elbows and forearms to release pain in deep muscle tissue.

~1 hour ~ $120   ~1 hour 30 minutes ~ $145


Reflexing the whole body, this is a desirable session for the person

who enjoys great foot care.

~1 hour ~$90


AromaTouch Massage Treatment:

AromaTouch Massage, this is a special combination of essential oils, with specific massage techniques to relax the muscles, ease the mind and release tension from the body. This oil application technique was developed by developed by Dr. David K. Hill, D.C., to provide people with an uplifting essential oil experience. 

This combination specialty massage has all the right ingredients to calm and relax the mind, body and spirit.

~1 hour 15 minute session ~$120


Ear Candling:

Ear candling can help to restore balance and clarity. Session is combined with energy work for optimal healing.

~30 minutes ~ $25     or add on to any session for an additional $15

(add on candling, will be included in session time of choice.)


Payment:   Cash, check, debit and credit cards accepted

Scheduling Sessions

All sessions are by appointment. Call Theresa directly (727) 475-0989. 

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