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"Theresa's work is profound because she understands the physical body but even more importantly she brings healing energy into every session. She's 100% present which is key.  She's my favorite massage therapist ever!     ~ Sarah F."


"Theresa is a solid, dependable and compassionate lady who can help people get the core issues out so they can heal and move forward to a better way of life.     ~ Cynthia R."


"Theresa, your massages are truly a healing for both the body and spirit. Between the comfortable environment and the error less energy exchange I would strongly recommend you to anyone who wants a physical rejuvenation and a spiritual charge. Thank you for your hospitality you're the best.   ~Jason S."

"Thank you, Theresa for making my shoulder feel better.  Your hands are amazing! To any of my friends out there who have muscle aches and pains, a therapeutic massage by Theresa will fix you!    ~Deb C."


"Thank you so much for a much-needed massage with Theresa!  She is so gentle yet deep, and holds space and stillness for you to truly LET IT go!        ~Elasa T."


"Thank you Theresa!! I have had several sessions with Theresa and always left feeling relaxed and relieved.  She is truly blessed with energy filled healing hands.

Thank you for sharing your positive love light.   ~Angelia S."

"Theresa has been my massage therapist for 6 years. Being a Yoga teacher for 18 years I have known and had many types of massage therapists. Her intuitive nature and her education background makes her very organic with her style of massage.  When I have been on her table thinking I'm fine, she finds my inflammation or weak areas I wasn't aware of. She has a compassionate heart therefore so are her hands.   ~Sandy B."

"Theresa has been able to help me connect deeper with my body and with my spirit through her healing work. Just her presence gives you an immediate sense of security and she seems to know exactly what you need to heal. I feel grateful to have Theresa in my life.    ~Tamara N."


"Theresa is one of the most genuine people I've ever met. She started as a yoga client of mine and I was looking for a good massage therapist.  I'll never forget my first massage with Theresa because it was one of the best massages I've ever had! Her massages are so much deeper than physical, they balance you mind, body and spirit and you leave feeling relaxed and renewed on all levels. Theresa brings passion, depth, positive energy (and a bit of humor too) to her practice! Working with her is like working with a spiritual guide and best friend all at the same time! Thank you Theresa for the work that you do. ~Heather H."



"Theresa is a truly amazing healer. Her nurturing and compassion are heart felt and comforting. Every session I have had with her has been deeply effective on many levels.  I would highly recommend Theresa. ~ Maura M."


"Theresa is a warm, kind soul and just being in her energy is very healing. Having her give you a massage is like floating on Heaven's clouds - so relaxing and soothing . I would definitely recommend having a massage with Theresa, you will be in healing hands.    ~Shirley S."


"I can't even been to explain how amazing Theresa is. I have never had someone give a massage and be so in touch with what needs the most work and still gives an incredible full body massage. She has worked on me for years and I feel amazing after each session. She is more focused on helping my body heal than the time on the clock. She is the best masseuse I have ever had!     ~Shannon T."


"I have known Theresa a long time and find her to be dedicated to her family as well as her clients.  She is a wonderful Massage Therapist who goes the extra mile to help.  She is also a teacher and taught me Level I Reiki.  I have experienced her Reiki and it is amazing.    ~Ruth H."



"I have know Theresa since 2010. We have worked together as colleagues and I have been a client of hers as well. I have gotten to see, first hand, what a great therapist she is. Theresa is professional, knowledgeable, loving, caring, and compassionate. As a client, I was able to experience her very skilled, yet intuitive touch. I have gotten great relief both physically and mentally from my sessions with her. Both as a massage therapist myself, and as her client, I would highly recommend her, including to my own clients.     ~Nicole L."


"Theresa was my massage therapist in Maine ~ I miss her so much! Her combination of skillful hands, intuitive mind, and loving heart are incomparable. I always left our sessions feeling completely peaceful and whole.     ~Deb K."


"I was treated by Theresa Sargent for 2 years on a ongoing basis.  She always began every session with such care and understanding.  She had a great ear for where I might be caring my stress and adjusted her massages; accordingly.  I believe she is an excellent Massage Therapist and I would highly recommend her!     -Steph G."   


"Theresa's massage work was extremely therapeutic for me. The polarity that she practiced on me was amazingly healing. I haven't found any other massage therapist since who has even come close to her skill level.     ~ Jane T."

"Theresa, you treated me in Florida, and it was like nothing I have ever experienced before. You healed me, inside and out. You are an amazing person and, okay, pretty good with your hands. If anyone wants a referral they can contact me,      ~Deb G."

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